Welcome! I’m happy you’re here.

Meet Laura Metzdorff-Rivera, L.Ac

Hi! I’m Laura. I’m a licensed acupuncturist, meditation guide, business owner, wife, mother, and cultivator of good things.

I love all kinds of music, gardening indoors and out, yoga, being with friends, and especially the change of seasons.

In the past I’ve had a talent for sweating the small stuff while remaining calm and collected on the outside. People always told me, “You’re so laid back.” But I didn’t feel laid back. For a long time, I felt lost and overwhelmed. Even as my career and success grew, I still wasn’t happy. Over time, I realized if I’m not whole on the inside, it won’t matter how I appear on the outside. I’ve grown dedicated to living a life of balance, and with it I’ve discovered a greater sense of ease, fullfillment, and wellness!

I originally created Cultivate Your Wellness as a way to share my knowledge about healthy living. It quickly evolved into a travel journal of sorts where I documented my own journey on a path towards wellness. It now sits as an invitation and a place of encouragement for you — to continue on your own journey. Perhaps you’re just at the beginning of your path to wellness, and this is your jumping off point. Or maybe you’ve been traveling a long while and this is another stop on your way. Wherever you are on your path, I’m so happy you found your way here. My greatest wish is that you leave here with something a value – another tool for your tool-kit as you cultivate your wellness.

I hope to connect with you soon.

Bye for now!