About me

Hello! Welcome to Cultivate Your Wellness. I’m Laura. I’m a Licensed Acupuncturist, meditation guide, business owner, wife, mother, and cultivator of good things. I love music, food, yoga, and the outdoors. I’ve been known to sweat the small stuff while remaining calm and collected on the outside. Over time, I’ve realized that if I’m not whole on the inside, it won’t matter how I appear on the outside, and I’ve dedicated my time to learning how to bring more wellness to my life. 

I originally created Cultivate Your Wellness to share my knowledge about wellness with others. It’s evolved into a travel journal about my own journey on a path towards wellness – a path that is ever-changing, that I sometimes lose track of (just like everyone else), but that I make a priority to always come back to. I invite you to follow along. My greatest wish is that you find some tools to help guide you along your own path! 

I hope to see you there!