L is for LauraWho am I? The age old question. I’ve spent years trying to figure that out…and now I will try to describe my discoveries to you in a paragraph or two. Sheesh. How about I just sum it up..

When I go swimming, I wear a bikini and dive right it, but not without dipping a toe to check the water first. 😉

Need more? Okay, I’m a Long Island girl, born and raised, but in 2007 I abandoned all that I know and hitched a ride (on a plane) to the long state of California. I now live in the East Bay and own an acupuncture clinic with a good friend and colleague. I spend much of my days trying to perfect my existence, often falling short, but always enjoying the effort!

the All-StarAnd we can’t forget my better half the All-Star.

I’ve had the privilege of loving this handsome fellow since 2005 and in 2012 we took our vows in front of family and friends, a joyous occasion which I can only say has made our relationship even stronger!  He’s my rock, my companion, and most importantly my friend. We call him the All-Star as he excels at most things, especially that which involves a ball. Sadly he’s unable to float though and he may be more of an “ease into the water” kind of guy, which is probably a good thing because he has the tendency to break. Together we find balance and I wouldn’t change a thing.