Happy Monday!

I do hope you are enjoying this beautiful Spring season. I can’t get enough of it!! It’s just such an exciting and inspiring time for me. The change of seasons always are. And especially Spring brings with it so much hope and the energy of renewal — I can’t help but jump on for the ride.

But (you know there’s always a but) I have to remind myself to stay grounded as well. Though we’re astrologically in an air sign at the moment, in Chinese medicine philosophy we are in the time of Wood. Wood, while it does reach its branches far into the air, also keeps its roots deeply planted. Growth without grounding lacks the stability necessary to flourish. It’s a reminder that our nourishment cannot come from one place and that our actions cannot only reside in the doing. For every level of progression, we must also carve out time for rest and reflection.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in contemplation lately. Though I long to share and act on every idea that pops into my head, I also feel called to be more reflective. To slow down and listen. There is equally as much to observe as there is to do during this season. It really is all about finding the balance. No season better embodies this idea for me than Spring. Just take a look outside. There are still signs of Winter. They’re fleeting but they are there. Until Summer we will teeter in this energy of Yang within the Yin. And remember, Winter is not a time of death, it is a time for resting and also preparing. And now as we embrace the abundant energy of Spring, we can tap into that reserve we nurtured all those cold and dark months.

So as you move through the rest of this month and into the next — as we observe nature springing into life and action, remember your resources, remember the source. Take the time to find stillness and recharge. If you find it difficult to connect with that imagery, perhaps go find a tree to sit under. Look at its blooming branches reaching high into the sky. See the birds nesting. The action it conjures. Then remember the roots beneath it — lying deep in the dark and thick earth — quiet and abundant — equally filled with life, perhaps more so.

We all come from the Earth. For a time we play and bask in the sun, filling our lungs with the breath, enjoying the movement of our existence, until it is our time to once again return — back to the Earth. Back to the source completely.

In your meditations this week, bring your focus to the breath. Feel the air as it moves in and out of your nose, in and out of your lungs. See if you can really sense the element of air entering your body, feeding your life force. Then notice the ground beneath you. Your body firmly rooted to the Earth. The Earth that gives you stability and nourishment. Equally feeding your life force. How amazing it is that our world has been orchestrated in this way. The sky above, the earth below. See if you can really feel your part in this beautiful dance. Tap into the constant exchange. Let it fill your cup. And when you’re ready, once again step out into action.

I’ll share a guided meditation for this on Youtube. Be sure to visit and subscribe. And don’t forget to download Insight timer. There are so many great and inspiring teachers on there. I feel honored to be one of them.

That’s all from me for today. Have a beautiful week, my friend.

Bye for now!