Author: Laura

  • You Are Not Your Thoughts

    I hope you’re feeling happy and shiny today – or maybe you’re feeling sad and dull, and that’s ok too. The invitation is to show up as we are, not as we are best. So welcome.. Earlier in the week my mind has been wild with thoughts. It was quite an adventurous weekend and it […]

  • The Simple Bliss of Being

    I’m coming to you from a quiet place today. A place of presence and stillness. But my mind is active and contemplative. The topic of reflection is self-love.   In class this morning, my yoga teacher guided us into a variation of lotus pose. As we lifted our spines and brought a deeper awareness to […]

  • Happy New Year!

    It’s 2023! Are you ready? I am. Bring on the resolutions, the goals, the challenges. I want them all. I’m excited, but cautiously optimistic. I have the tendency to go big and peter out. But the cool thing is that with every five new endeavors I take on, a couple of them always stick. And […]

  • Welcoming Winter

    Welcoming Winter

    We cannot deny the Winter because we long for the Spring, just as we cannot deny our current state because we long for the next. If we do – if we forget to pause and appreciate this season of our lives – we may miss what is necessary for us to appear with abundance when it’s time.

  • Finding Ease in Rituals

    Finding Ease in Rituals

    I’ve learned over the years that it’s vital I find this space in order to be fully present in what I’m doing. If I dive straight into anything without first taking the time to ground, I can easily feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable. It’s like in yoga, if we were to drop straight into a pigeon pose the moment we land on the mat, it probably wouldn’t feel too good. You may even hurt yourself. But by the end of the class, when the body is warm and open, the pose becomes natural and easy to soften into it. So why not bring that same awareness into all aspects of our lives?