Category: Earth and Air Wellness

  • Checking In

    Here I am! Half way through the summer break and believe me, I have taken no breaks. With both girls home with me on my days off, I have had little time to devote to all of my practices, and writing seems to take last place is the order of my weekly goals. But that […]

  • Why I Do What I Do

    Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision doing what I do. I get tired or scared or slightly fed up with life. I worry that I won’t be able to do it for long or that I’m not good enough. I guess that’s natural. But then life reminds me that I love what […]

  • My 12 Hour Work Day

    Yeah, it stinks. Well, it doesn’t stink. It’s actually pretty easy as far as working goes but I’d much rather be sitting relaxing somewhere. But who wouldn’t, right? I really can’t complain. It’s quiet. I don’t have a boss. My patients are nice. And there’s soothing music playing. So what if I’m here for twelve […]

  • Darn the Summer Cold

    What’s worse than a winter flu??  The summer cold!  At least with a winter flu I can curl up under one of the Softest Blankets in sweat pants and socks, drinking hot tea and slurping soup. But when the darn summer cold strikes it’s cold water and tank tops and snot running down my already […]

  • A Beautiful Day for a Stroll

    We’ve had a bit of a temperature shift here in the East Bay Area. Two weeks ago we were hitting one hundred but lately it’s been in the high 60’s with a breeze. Perfect weather for afternoon walk. My business partner had a patient schedule last minute and asked if I could watch her darling […]