Category: Health

  • The Simple Bliss of Being

    I’m coming to you from a quiet place today. A place of presence and stillness. But my mind is active and contemplative. The topic of reflection is self-love.   In class this morning, my yoga teacher guided us into a variation of lotus pose. As we lifted our spines and brought a deeper awareness to […]

  • Checking In

    Here I am! Half way through the summer break and believe me, I have taken no breaks. With both girls home with me on my days off, I have had little time to devote to all of my practices, and writing seems to take last place is the order of my weekly goals. But that […]

  • Lost in My Mind

    We can’t escape it, the dialogue of the mind; the chatter. It’ll always be there. Learning to address it in loving and positive ways is how we grow. “You made me feel this way.” We have all heard it. We have all said it. We were going about our day and someone derails our momentum […]

  • Being at Home on the Mat

    This year marks 20 years of my yoga practice! 20 years! Sounds fantastic, right? I should be a pro yogi! Well, the fact is, I’m just like many people who come and go with their practices. I’ve spent hours on my mat, then not touched it for a year. I’ve joined fancy yoga studios, and […]

  • A Walk – No. 1

    Two days ago I got a hair cut, I also made sure to use my ear and nose hair trimmer. I really like it. Gal pal Kristine is a rock star! But that’s not what I’m writing about. I took a picture of my hair to share with my far-away sister (cause we like to […]