Category: Cultivate Your Wellness

  • Why I Write

    You know when you get an idea? But it’s not even an idea yet. It’s still just a feeling, an essence. An essence that seems to help it all make sense. You try to put it into words, but it gets lost somehow – in the translation. So you go back to what you were […]

  • A Walk Through Joshua Tree

    We chose The Hidden Valley Trail. An easy 1-mile hike I thought the girls could handle. I watched as they ran free along the clearly marked trail. The blue sky speckled with perfectly white clouds. A landscape painted with rocks that rose from the ground like water-logged sandcastles. The girls giggled at the sight of […]

  • Listen to the Silence

    I found myself caught up in my own chatter this morning. I have a tendency to work through things this way. Rather than sit with my thoughts, I push them out, and often onto an unsuspecting victim. Sometimes this is well received and ends productive. This morning that was not the case. But instead of […]

  • The Route Home

    It was about 18 months ago that my husband and I decided to leave California and plant ourselves back on the East coast. For 15 years we’d been cultivating a life that was all our own. We had businesses, friends that were like family, and a whole new world at our fingertips. So what made […]

  • Bloom, Even if You Aren’t Planted

    Recently, my father gifted me several healthy and happy air plants displayed on a large scallop shell. His instructions were “just get them wet every once in a while but don’t let them sit in water, they don’t like that.” He explained that while air plants do grow roots, they absorb water and nutrients through […]