Category: Life

  • Full of Grace

    The room was still and dark. Though filled with several people, the only sound that could be heard was her breathing. The breathing that we would focus on for the next four days. The breath that was the only thing left to define a life once so full. We counted those breaths. We mimicked those […]

  • You Won’t Get Anywhere if You Fail to Try

    Does everything need to be in-line before you act?  Does fear hold you back? The desire to have everything appear perfect before we take action can leave us forever waiting. Because nothing is ever going to be exactly as we want it to be. And oftentimes the path in front of us will not be […]

  • Bake the World a Better Place

    I had the pleasure of chatting with NYC native, Toni-Ann Gardiner, who is using the pandemic as an opportunity to create, enhance her skills, and give back to the community that she loves…by baking pies

  • Lost in My Mind

    We can’t escape it, the dialogue of the mind; the chatter. It’ll always be there. Learning to address it in loving and positive ways is how we grow. “You made me feel this way.” We have all heard it. We have all said it. We were going about our day and someone derails our momentum […]

  • A Plan of Action for Optimising My Time

    While there was a time, not all that long ago, when I often found myself bored or wishing minutes away, I now find myself longing for more hours in a day. How can I possibly complete my many daily tasks? And where can I dedicate time to nurturing myself? I recently started a bullet journal […]