Six days without a post, you know I must be busy. Actually, so much has happened in the last week, it’s hard to believe we got it all done.
Since Thursday we got a phone number and an internet connection, transferred the utilities, registered our fictitious name, got a business license, wrote and signed our partnership agreement, purchased insurance, had our logo and business cards professionally designed, purchased business cards, purchased supplies, and signed our lease. I even attended a business seminar and completed 15 online ceus.
I’m thrilled that it’s all done but there’s lots more to do. Every day is a busy day. No one said owning a business would be easy but so far I don’t mind the work. It feels good knowing all of these tasks are being taken care of and on day one we’ll be ready to do what we do best: Acupuncture! We move in to our new office on Friday! I’m so excited.
Stay tuned for our location announcement and website launch!