Last night was the annual Boat Parade Christmas Party at my friend Mika’s house, hosted by his oh-so-fabulous landlords.  The food was delicious, all home-made recipes prepared by the loving hands of our hostess, and the crowd was eager to laugh and share in the seasonal glee.  Since both my friend and I were going stag, we decided that instead of dressing up in our holiday best, we’d instead dress up like elves and offer an elfy helping hand to our generous hosts.

mika and laura elves

At first I felt a little silly about the idea, dressing up like a fictitious “red” collar worker and prancing around like a funny sort of thing.  But shortly after arriving, I knew why we thought to do it and we took our places as the on-hand-helping-hands (who also got to fill their bellies and enjoy the Christmas “spirits”).  The guests thought it was a riot and our hosts didn’t have to worry so much about all the extra work throwing a party entails.  It was the kind of giving that reminds me of what the holidays are all about.  Instead of just enjoying ourselves we decided to give a little back.

As Christmas drawers closer, I will to continue to share gifts with others.  Some will have been bought at the store, and others home-made, but the ones that will fill my heart with the most joy are the ones that don’t cost anything at all.  They are the random acts I kindness that each of us are given the opportunity to give on any day, to anyone, and anywhere.  In this elf’s opinion, that’s the best gift of all!