The All-Star and I were able to take a mini vacation for the long holiday weekend.  Some friends invited us up to their Tahoe home for a little r&r. What a great time it was!

We left a little behind schedule Friday night so we were unable to caravan with the rest of our group. Fortunately we didn’t hit any traffic and made it up there only a short time after them and we didn’t miss a beat of fun.

On Saturday we took a short drive to Angora Lake.  Our timing was perfect and we got there just as the morning crowd was leaving and avoided a mile long walk with a parking spot right up front. We also managed to snag a perfect spot on the beach and a picnic table near by!


Angora Lake was amazing. Half of the lake is surrounded by steep rock. Normally there are folks jumping off the cliffs into the water. There still were a few brave souls but not us because the water was freezing!! There was snow fall earlier in the week which was melting into the glacier-made lake but it created the most beautiful waterfalls everywhere you looked.


We rafted around and bathed in the warm sun. Our friends informed us that this was quite an unusual sight to see this time of year. What a treat!


Even though the day was warm and sunny, snow still surrounded the lake in some parts.  If there is one thing we love more than summer, it’s snow, and here they both were, wrapped up in one perfect place.



Sunday we rode bikes to Lake Tahoe and walked along to Camp Richardson. The backdrop of snow capped mountains while people barbequed and splashed in the lake was another sight to see.

snow at tahoe


We stayed for a bit and then biked back to home base where we enjoyed another restful evening.

Monday was the holiday but also our time to leave. I was sad to be heading home and felt anxious that the holiday would be spent in the car. I love the 4th of July. Not just because it’s a fun national holiday but it also marks the official start of my relationship with The All-Star. (Six years ago, can you believe it?)

As we drove along the windy road down the mountain we saw a sign for tourist info. We followed the road for quite a while and were led to Sly Park Recreation Area. We rented a paddle boat and swam in the lake. It was an awesome find and we talked about  going back to camp some day. Don’t you just loved unplanned adventures?!

Sly Lake

But wait, it wasn’t over yet! On our way home I messaged a friend to see if there would be any fireworks that evening. She said there was one at a nearby high school but traffic was always ridiculous. We arrived home with just enough time to freshen up and bike our way over instead. The fireworks were awesome, “well choreographed,” the All-Star said, and the high school marching band who played along were fabulous. When it was over we rushed to beat the crowd and enjoyed a nice, but slightly tiring, bike ride home.


What better way to celebrate our independence than by enjoying all the things that we love…nature, friends, fireworks and each other!!

I hope everyone had as great a weekend as we did!!