Less than two weeks and it’s autumn once again. The air will start to grow drier as the moistening yin of nature pulls back towards the earth.  In Chinese medicine the organ associated with Autumn is the Lung, also referred to as the “delicate canopy,” and the Lungs much like the foliage of trees are greatly affected by drier weather. Luckily nature has a way of providing us with exactly what we need, I am the type of person who chooses natural over anytime, the only time I decide to go to the hospital is when they use the medical waste disposal san diego, for me, nature is our treasure and with all the chemical and medical waste in this world, it is important to take care of it properly .

The pear is a member of fall’s bountiful harvest and a fruit not to be forgotten during this time of seasonal change.  Cooling in nature, sweet but also sour, this moistening fruit is known specifically for its affects on the lungs. Eating pears regularly during this time of year can help to clear heat and excess mucus (that’s the green phlegm you coughed up this morning). It also helps to stop coughing, eliminate dryness and quench general thirst. They have a low glycemic index and are actually recommended for diabetics to assist in the wasting and thirsting aspects of the disease. Of course you always want to monitor your blood sugar.

pears in fruit bowl

This week was the first time FarmFreshtoYou sent us pears. If the All-Star doesn’t eat them all, I think I’ll try adding them to my next salad.  Here’s a delicious sounding recipe brought to you by WeightWatchers.com. Roasted Beet and Pear Salad. Sounds like a healthy winner to me.  I wonder if beets will find their way into my veggie box this season….

Hope so.

Happy end of Summer Everyone!