Tag: Breathing

  • Lost in My Mind

    We can’t escape it, the dialogue of the mind; the chatter. It’ll always be there. Learning to address it in loving and positive ways is how we grow. “You made me feel this way.” We have all heard it. We have all said it. We were going about our day and someone derails our momentum […]

  • Managing Stress…and Everything else that Comes with Life

    Even if you do everything in your power to live a happy, healthy life, moments of “low” are inevitable. It’s how you deal with those moments that counts. Next time you’re feeling the crunch, try out some of these stress management tools…

  • All it Takes is the First Breath

    Meditation: what does this word mean to you? Is it a way to relieve stress, find peace, reach enlightenment? For some, it may sound like something only for yogi masters or monks in the Himalayas. For me, meditation is about finding a quiet place and resting there a while, not asleep, just silent. I have […]