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  • The Simple Bliss of Being

    I’m coming to you from a quiet place today. A place of presence and stillness. But my mind is active and contemplative. The topic of reflection is self-love.   In class this morning, my yoga teacher guided us into a variation of lotus pose. As we lifted our spines and brought a deeper awareness to […]

  • Finding Ease in Rituals

    Finding Ease in Rituals

    I’ve learned over the years that it’s vital I find this space in order to be fully present in what I’m doing. If I dive straight into anything without first taking the time to ground, I can easily feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable. It’s like in yoga, if we were to drop straight into a pigeon pose the moment we land on the mat, it probably wouldn’t feel too good. You may even hurt yourself. But by the end of the class, when the body is warm and open, the pose becomes natural and easy to soften into it. So why not bring that same awareness into all aspects of our lives? 

  • When our Mind is Clear, our Heart is Open

    I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to have a clear mind – to not feel burdened by constant thoughts running through my head. I’ve recently started an exercise that has done for me just that. I suddenly find myself in moments without anything to say. Sometimes without anything to think! I have to […]

  • Memories that Mold the Present

    A decade ago I stood in this moment, unknowing that a few hours later I would be asked to be a wife. I wonder what my thoughts were in this serene scene. Was I contemplating the mysteries of the ocean? Excited about our recent move to the Bay Area and the opening of my new […]

  • The Meandering Path of Life

    The Meandering Path of Life

    Though the path may appear confusing at first glance, there is only one way to go. No dead ends, no wrong turns. You simply continue walking forward and you eventually reach the center.