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A Walk – No. 1

Two days ago I got a hair cut. I really like it. Gal pal Kristine is a rock star! But that’s not what I’m writing about. I took a picture of my hair to share with my far-away sister (cause we like to do that sort of thing) and I noticed an un-ignorable pudge above my waist band. I was embarrassed to send the picture, but did anyway because, hey, it’s my sister, but went to bed feeling sad about my wintery weight that is always inevitable but never quite welcome.

This morning I woke to the sounds of birds chirping (actually it was my BBT thermometer) and sunshine pouring through my window. After briefly thinking that perhaps today would be the day I get back into my workout and YK11 routine, I swiped alive my phone and loaded up Facebook instead. To my glee horror, there on my Facebook wall sat the loaded coincidence that I needed to get my lazy butt going.

john muir

Seeing as I live a mere block from the beautiful Iron Horse trail, I felt that I had no excuse to sit at home on another gorgeous morning, so away I went on a quick four mile power walk stroll.

I took some pictures which I thought I’d share. It appears that spring is on its way!

Iron Horse Trailwild flowersflowering treeflowering treewild flowersiron horse trail

When I got home, I decided to write this post and upon downloading the Facebook photo I noticed the quote was by John Muir. Seeing as I just moments ago walked past a hospital named after the Scottish born author, I’m thinking I did exactly what the universe was suggesting I do.

I guess good ‘ol John Muir was right! We often do find more than we seek, or perhaps, in my case, exactly what we’re looking for!


Getting Fit with with a Fit Tracker

I’ve never had issues with my weight. I fluctuate with the seasons and during times of stress or study but usually I remain the same. As a health care practitioner, I feel that it’s important for me to stay fit and set a good example for my patients. Unfortunately the more people I’m helping and the busier I get, the less time I have for myself! It’s a sad but true fact and nutrition and exercise are always the first to go.

With just six weeks left before my wedding, (EEE) I realized it was time to get a little more serious about my body and create a healthy and wholesome fitness and diet plan. Moreover, I noticed I suffer from insomnia and general lack of strength, so I decided to try taking testolone for a while. I want to look and feel my best on our big day and I know the only way to do that is to treat my body with the care it deserves!

In the past I’ve jogged, but unfortunately I really don’t like it, so I don’t do it. I’ll go a few times and my knee will start to hurt or I’ll get out of breath, and then there’s the sweating. (I really don’t like to sweat. Some people do. I’m not one of those people). I have a friend who walks every day and instead of doing nothing I decided that walking is a good something, so Tuesday, I began my walking routine. Just around and about the neighborhood. I enjoy it so I know I’ll do it. It helps me clear my head, I am able to enjoy good music, and I can experience the town I live in from a new perspective (not just one I see as I zoom by in my car.)

Also to get with the program I started counting my calories. I’m not trying to loose a ton of weight but a few pounds would be nice. Also counting calories helps me understand what I’m putting in my body and how I can make better choices. If that burrito is 800 calories, and a good healthy dinner consisting of meat, a starch, veggies and even a class of wine is the same amount, the choice is obvious…and my body will thank me.

My skin will thank me too. I’ve been having another little episode of less than clear skin these past few months. I know it’s just a diet too high in fat and salt (we eat out alot!), so I’d like to get that in check.

The last and final reason for all of this is the most important and that is for my digestive system and heart health. When I reach the top of our two flights of stairs and I’m out of breath… When my tummy gets aggravated more than usual,  I know time to get serious about making changes. So serious I will get.

So I’m using a tracker to help me on my journey. CardioTrainer helps me track my fitness and MyFitnessPal for the calorie counting. They both are free and have phone apps and MyFitnessPal even has social networking! Look for me, LauraCYW, so we can help each other achieve our goals together!!

Or at least for the next six weeks. Then we leave on our honeymoon!


Challenge – Day 2

Another successful challenge day.  If you read my earlier post, I skipped the morning run for need of sleep, but intended to do some yoga as my day’s challenge activity.  After work, and a food shop to fill our empty fridge, The All-Star and I walked a mile around our new neighborhood,  which was a pleasant addition to the list of exercises.  Plus, walking with my significant other is always enjoyable.  I recommend it to all couples.  It gives us an opportunity to connect without our regular home distractions.  On this particular walk we contemplated for way too long the inability of our neighbors to leave ample parking room for others and spied through the windows of an unoccupied h0me, imagining that we were the future inhabitants.  Pure goodness.

Following a few other necessary tasks, taking down the Christmas decorations, and a phone call to my sister,  I got the lentil soup simmering and started my yoga.  Another 45 minutes of fitness and a check mark next to today.  Some may argue that yoga is not a workout.  While I understand and appreciate the importance and significance of yoga as a form of meditation, I still feel it okay to use it as an exercise in this challenge, especially when feeling as run-down as I did last night.  It’s an opportunity for me to recharge and stretch, and since I don’t plan on taking days off from this challenge, it’s nice to have an activity that doesn’t add to my fatigue.  On the other hand, I do mostly power yoga, so it isn’t all that easy anyway.  Tomorrow, however, I intend to wake up early and go for another run.  Slacking is not the name of this challenge.

So until tomorrow…

And to those participating in your own challenge, keep up the good work!