Tag: Wellness

  • Find Your Pace

    Happy Monday!   Are you ready for our second week of December? It really feels like the calendar is running full speed to its end this year, doesn’t it? It makes me examine my own pace and ask myself the question: Am I racing too quickly to the finish line?  I recently joined the wellness council […]

  • The Route Home

    It was about 18 months ago that my husband and I decided to leave California and plant ourselves back on the East coast. For 15 years we’d been cultivating a life that was all our own. We had businesses, friends that were like family, and a whole new world at our fingertips. So what made […]

  • Seeking Advice and Creating a Plan

    Seeking advice and planning are just as important as action. It’s never terrible to be spontaneous, but in business, without a clear idea of how this is all going to work, how will we really be able to truly gauge our success? The same goes for wellness.

  • The Price of Wellness

    My new obsession is healthier beauty products. I’m becoming more and more aware of the dangers of the chemical toxins found in so many of my used-to-be favorite brands, and as I march steadily down the path of wellness, I’m continuing to realize that health is a whole package. I can’t go all organic with […]

  • The First Step of Wellness

    I began my journey on the path of wellness as a young child. I always had an inner sense that there was more to my health than doctor visits and prescription pads. As I grew, I learned to listen to my body. If I felt sick, I knew that there was a greater reason than […]