Happy Monday!

We’re well into Springtime on the island today. The neighborhoods are painted with the white and pink blossoms of dogwood, cherry, and magnolia trees. Bunnies and red-breasted robins are darting among the many daffodils in bloom, and temperatures continue to climb. It was such a short time ago when we were still longing for this Season. Deep in the quiet of Winter — Cold and contemplative — Spring still in the future, nothing more than a promise. Now as that promise comes to life, I’m reminded of the balance. Spring cannot arrive without Winter. It is the manifestation of Yin becoming Yang. Light from the darkness. Life where there appeared to be none. There are many lessons we can learn from it. 

This weekend we watched the movie My Girl. Nine-year-old Josie wept. We talked about it afterward. How good can come from tragedy. And how growth came from pain – comfort from suffering. We questioned if bad things have to happen in order for good to exist. That’s a tough idea for a child — heck, it’s a tough idea for an adult. I decided that these circumstances in life are neither good nor bad, but rather the movement of energy through this yin and yang paradox. Energy cannot stay stagnant. And we are caught in this constant movement from one end of the pendulum’s swing to the other. Our job is to bring ourselves back to its balanced center, over and over again. That is where the inner peace we thought about last week resides. In that center, we find clarity — even when life doesn’t appear to make sense. The good news is the opportunity to return there always exists. We do not have to wait months like we do for the Spring. We only need to take a moment, return to the breath, and find a moment of stillness – that is where the journey begins.

Here’s the link to last week’s meditation I promised. You can also listen ad-free on InsightTimer

I hope it lends to you the opportunity to find your balance – your inner peace – even when there appears to be none.

I’m off to spend time with my daughters. They’re on Spring-break. The balance between work and play. I hope you find plenty of opportunities for both as well!

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you so much. Have a beautiful week.

Bye for now!