A Home is Where the Heart is

I love this house. So quaint and quiet. And complete with a black cat.

carmel house

I could live there…

I dream of the day when my bed no longer occupies the floor of a rented apartment. Where the walls are mine to paint freely or knock down, already have beautiful art pieces to put around and a Buddha painting which is my favorite and accompanies the rest of the furniture with many more to cover the walls. Where there’s a yard just waiting to be dug up and planted with tasty nutrition and flowering happiness! Where there will be pets and children and family and friends and the welcome sign hangs for all who enter to come and enjoy in the heart I’ve created.

Aaa. It’s good to dream. Dreams bring us one step closer to reality!


8 responses to “A Home is Where the Heart is”

  1. Yes, dreams definitely bring us one step closer to reality! I love daydreaming about our first home, too. Thanks for telling me about this blog — I love it and will be following you here from now on!

  2. I have the same. dream. Today, I was actually talking to my neighbor on the way to the laundry room about how I literally can’t WAIT until I live in a house with my own washer and dryer, where coins aren’t required. =P

  3. I feel you on this post… Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog! And that I think you are so gorgeous!

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