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Meet Laura

Laura is a licensed acupuncturist, meditation guide, sound healer, and wellness coach. She believes through deepening our connection with self and the natural world, we reveal an inner wisdom that is constantly available to help guide us down a path of wellness, happiness, and true balaance.


Laura stepped in and slayed the heat and tension that had built up in my central nervous system. She not only placed those li’l pins in places that were meant to calm the excessive energy but also, she explained as much.

The service was great, the experience was awesome and I left feeling more in balance with my own essence.


I began seeing Laura in 2013 for treatment of a female hormone imbalance. Within one visit my symptoms had improved greatly and her treatment continued to help my body improve. As time went on, my treatment changed slightly to address infertility issues. Laura served as both my a acupuncturist and therapist during this time as she would listen to me vent, sort things out, and address what my body needed to do. I so looked forward to my weekly and bi-weekly treatments as I would often walk out of there feeling more relaxed than if I had just had a massage. I am now pregnant, but will continue to visit Laura for treatment as needed. Laura is simply the best and their office is very calm and inviting. I would highly recommend!


Laura is simply amazing! She is well-educated, empathetic, concerned, and excellent at what she does. Because of Laura, my menopausal symptoms have virtually disappeared. She also helps me with other issues, including addiction, digestive, emotional, and physical pain.


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