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Laura is an acupuncturist, writer, and meditation guide. She believes through deepening our connection with self and the natural world, we reveal an inner wisdom that is constantly available to help guide us down a path of wellness, happiness, and true peace.

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The Hard Truth

Hello! Happy Monday! I hope you’re well and had a lovely weekend! Mine was, you guessed it, busy as usual and Monday arrived much too quickly, but here we are, and I am grateful! Speaking of gratitude…how’s the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge going for you? It’s only Day 4...

The 3 F’s of the Holidays

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was filled with lots of food, family, and feelings, especially feelings. (Thank goodness for pie.) The holidays always bring up feelings for me. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Almost always intense. There’s...


Hello! Happy Monday! I’m so happy to be arriving here with you today! Over these past two years, I’ve really come to appreciate the importance of community – how much there is to gain, learn, and be reminded of when we come together.  We are all here sharing this...