Happy Monday!

How is your summer going?

July always seems to go so fast.

Ironic, because it’s opposite February, the shortest month, which seems to last forever.

Is it strange that my mind is drawn to winter when it’s almost 90° outside? Perhaps not, because astrologically it’s cancer season – and if you’re a cancer or know anything about the zodiac signs, cancers tend to be drawn to the home or their own safe, personal sanctuaries. Perhaps then it’s not so unusual to feel drawn to the memory of a slowed down season where the cold forces us back into our homes.

While the world around me seems to be turning wildly with the energy of summer – my desire leans toward something more cozy and comfortable.

Lately the beach has been that comfort. My family and I are renting a cabana which has become our little home away from home for the season. It’s become a sanctuary where I can go to relax, while still embracing the abundance of summer. My way of slowing down summer.

It should be no surprise the theme of our guided meditation this week. It’s an opportunity to set the intention to let the world spin without you for a few moments while letting your mind and body slow down and create space with the breath. Think of that space as your own personal sanctuary. One where, no matter what’s happening around you, you can feel safe and comfortable.

I hope you enjoy!

Well, my friend! I hope you have a beautiful week! Soak in that sunshine, read books, sit with friends, watch a sunset. Take a few extra moments to embrace the beautiful, abundant world around you – while also tending to that beautiful sanctuary within.

Be well.