Not really, but anyway…

We have a hutch that we keep all our nice glasses  in. It’s always been somewhat of a focal point in our many apartments… I actually really like it, except that it has this ugly metal hardware on it.

ugly hardware

Aren’t those terrible?! We are definitely not going for the industrial look over here!

So some time ago I removed the hardware, but this made the door a little difficult to open and there were equally as ugly hole marks where the screws had once been.

screw holes

Terrible. And what pretty knob requires four screws??

So today while attempting to think of way to hang a curtain without a curtain rod, I decided to take on the ugly hardware instead.

more ugly hardware

Seriously, what is up with those???

Luckily we had some paint from a previous “project” at our Tustin apartment.  (And by project I mean, mending a hole in the wall.  It’s a long story. Don’t judge.)


I think that did the trick…


They aren’t perfect but definitely an improvement. I’m happy with the results. 🙂



Here are a few other things I did to keep myself busy today. . .

A terracotta plate candle dish for the coffee table!

candle dish

And a shower curtain “head board” plus my own investigation about how to choose the best shower panels.

shower curtain head board

What do you think??

I’ve got to do something with this stuff I have left over from our many apartments .

Reuse baby!! And not a penny spent!