To balance the hardcore workout that took place yesterday, The Kahuna wisely advised me to challenge myself in a different way today.  While it is important for me to be successful in this fitness endeavor and continue to be active each day, it is also important to allow my body to recover and for my mind to prepare for the tasks ahead.

So, for today’s fitness, a sun salutation for each of the 6 days I worked hard this week, and a 7th final pose of Legs-up-the-wall for 15 minutes.  The challenge was both to find the pose, and to find a quiet place of stillness in my body and my mind.   This did not happen instantly, nor did it remain constant throughout the stretch, but I allowed myself to simply be and I committed to the meditation.


For an athlete, this is an excellent pose to do, especially within 24 to 48 hours of an intense workout.  Besides the deep stretch it provides for the legs, back, front torso and neck, it also improves blood flow to and from the heart and refreshes and rejuvenates the entire body.  For the mind, it improves clarity while also creating a calming affect.  For the spirit, it brings emotional balance.

For me, a perfect way to end a great Week One.

Inspiration for the moment…

Allow yourself to be.