Category: Food

  • Bake the World a Better Place

    I had the pleasure of chatting with NYC native, Toni-Ann Gardiner, who is using the pandemic as an opportunity to create, enhance her skills, and give back to the community that she loves…by baking pies

  • Delicious Breakfast Smoothie

    Now that winter is officially over in the East Bay (I hope) it’s time to enjoy the abundance of fruits and vegetables that are coming into season with a delicious breakfast smoothie!! Normally in the winter-time I discourage my patients from drinking smoothies in the morning. A smoothie is cold, damp, and raw and can […]

  • This Week’s Eats No. 3

    Technically these are last week’s eats but you don’t actually know my true timeline for anything so what’s the difference right? My own pictures of these eats are quite sub-par in my opinion. Our camera broke on our honeymoon so I’m stuck with my android for snapshots at the moment. Any suggestions for a reasonable […]

  • Blog Love & This Week’s Eats No. 2

    Meal planning is awesome! We have new and delicious, nutritious home-cooked meals almost every night with lots of variation and LEFTOVERS! Thanks to the internet there is always a plethora of new recipes to choose from. This week was no different. One recipe I found deserves a ton of love because IT IS AWESOME and […]

  • This Week’s Eats – No. 1

    In the essence of meal planning I thought I’d share with you some of the delicious recipes I’ll be preparing this week. They were found across the web and some of these pictures are just too beautiful not to share. I big shout out to the talented chefs who first up conjured up these culinary […]