The alarm went off at 6:07 this morning and once again I hit the snooze.  I continued to snooze until 6:50.  No a.m. jog for me this morning, and that’s okay.  I worked late last night and didn’t get to bed until after 11 and then woke up just before midnight with cramps and then The All-Star woke up me (un-intentionallly) at 2:30 coughing so by the time that 6am buzzer went off the mind had made itself up to stay in bed.  I know that’s a lot of excuses but my body agreed that it needed some rest.  The jet-lag set in big time last night too so, I’m sticking to my wise decision guns.  That does not, however, mean that Day 2 will be spent doing nothing.  Quite the contrary!  My legs are pretty sore from my first day on the pavement so tonight’s fitness will be a self-led yoga session followed by some crunches.  I intend to give it a good hour.  For dinner I’ll probably make a lentil soup so the challenge can take place while supper simmers.  How’s that for multi-tasking?  For all you busy working folks, be creative with your time.  There’s always a30 minute opportunity somewhere for a little exercise.  And exercise doesn’t have to mean gruel and sweat, it can be some biceps and triceps curls while watching tv, or an after dinner walk around the block.  I too will find it difficult at times to “fit it all in”, but that’s just another part of the challenge.

All in I feel good today and I’m looking forward to this evening’s workout.  Stay tuned for next challenge post.

Here’s today Zen Meditation…

“Don’t move,” instructed Suzuki Roshi to his meditation student.  He then added, “When I say don’t move, it doesn’t mean you can’t move.”