Great news for this acupuncturist…we have found a location for our office in downtown Walnut Creek! and will be moved in by the end of the month!

It’s all happening pretty fast but a location was nothing but necessary if I ever wanted to do anything with this venture.

Smiles ear to ear and I can’t wait to get started.

Finding a place to be is an important part of anyone’s life.  We see this when we’re looking for a new home. I’ve moved so much in the last three years that I’ve come to know an apartment that will be right for me as soon as I step in the door. There’s something in the air that will say, “you can be yourself here.”

Our days are spent so much in the space of others, working, shopping, driving, eating, that it’s wise to make sure we’ve got a spot of our own to clear our head and conjure our dreams.

It doesn’t have to be much…the corner of a quiet room, under a tree in the park, or on a rock at the beach. It’s a place all of your own where you find your wellness.