Now that the holidays are over and moving and travel have come to an end, it’s time to get down to business! Item one on the agenda, find a work space!

Jenna and I met for a few hours today and hit the pavement looking for space to rent. There is a lot of vacant space in Walnut Creek so we shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect spot for our acupuncture office. Phone calls, brain storming, and positive intentions was our game plan. All in all, a good day one. Nothing solidified yet but some possibilities in the works. Lots more to do.

Updates from home life…we finally ate a real meal at home last night. It was our first since we’ve moved almost a month ago. We had super yummy meals in New York (and believe me, having someone else do the cooking for a change was a welcome) but there’s nothing like getting back to a regular eating routine with healthy home-cooked goodness. I decided to go simple, a baked whole chicken with roasted root vegetables and squash. Perfect for a cold NorCal night and with lots leftover for lunches. I’ll certainly be able to use the carcass for home-made chicken broth. There’s nothing like a delicious one-dish dinner! And a great way to eat healthy on a budget.