It’s the first day of summer!!! Yay! And mother nature is sure letting us know here in the East Bay. I’m not sure what the thermometer will cap at today but it’s 9am and already pretty hot out, which is why I woke up extra early to start my pre-pre-wedding workout or “get skinny before the first fitting.” Not that I don’t have plenty of time before the wedding (479 days to be exact) but I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately and it’s time to get back with the program.

I’m ashamed to admit that my lack of motivation is partly why I haven’t written much lately. It’s difficult to lead by example when you’re dragging yourself along the trail. But I think I’m out of my rut and using the first day of summer as a landmark to get back into my old healthy habits and keep a more steady pace on my path of wellness.

I’m really digging our new apartment. There are no windows facing ours so I am able to keep the blinds open at night and when the sun rises it shines right on my face. It’s a great alarm clock if you ask me. So today, 7am, rise and shine, followed by a bit of morning texting to my sister (the only thing I like about the 3 hour time different) and off on a 3 mile jog. It felt good. As I’ve said before the first day out is a bit of a struggle. I was a little out of breath and there’s a hill at the end of my run that is mine to conquer. Hopefully I’ll be sprinting up it by summer’s end. (But let’s not go wishing anything away to quickly).

I found a 6-month wedding fitness plan on The Knot which I’m using as a guide for my workouts. It’s a little basic for me  (20 minutes cardio three times a week to start, then up it to 30 minutes, then add toning like push-ups and crunches, etc, etc.)  I went ahead a did 45 minutes this morning, followed by crunches and sit-ups. I’m also taking the The Knot’s advice to  journal my progress and take my measurements (eek!). They say to also weigh yourself but I don’t have a scale and I don’t much care about what it would say anyway. Keeping track of my measurements will do just fine. I’m looking forward to being toned once again!

Here’s the workout for anyone is interested in getting back on track. I think it’s a good one. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Oh yeah. I never updated you about my cleaning plan. It didn’t go so well. The methods are a success but there is no way I can clean everyday. Friday’s have become my cleaning day. Oh well.

Happy Summer Everyone!