Phew. What a day!

I’m still battling this stupid summer cold and really wasn’t looking forward to today. I rested all weekend but still wasn’t feeling much better and I guess all the pressure of having to leave my apartment got to me because I had a little bit of meltdown over a pot of oatmeal and yelled at The All-Star and shed a few tears. Yeah, I’m that dramatic.

Thinking I could get away with being such a brat after he’s cared for me all week, I quickly said sorry, hugged him good-bye, and walked briskly over to my office (because I was running late as usual) only to find that I had forgotten my keys. So then I had to curl my tail between my legs and call the man-of-my-fancy and ask him to stop what he was doing because I needed my keys and couldn’t get them myself because I had a patient on their way.

He kindly complied, because he kindly loves me.

I apologized to my patient who ended up waiting with me for the keys and quickly got to work.

Unfortunately as soon as I plugged my computer in I was met with sudden horror. My replacement laptop charger was now also broken. I had 7 hours ahead of me and about 5 minutes of charge. NOOOOOOO!!!

I again tried texting and calling The All-Star. Only this time he didn’t answer.  🙁

After my patient left I had an hour to rush home and search for another possible replacement cord so I could possibly (fingers-crossed) charge my computer. When I got there my sweet-special-someone was waiting for me with a cord in his hand.

Oh the guilt, the shame. He’s so much better than me.

“I’m so sorry dear All-Star. I’m so sorry jerks karma. I’ll be nicer, I promise.”

It just goes to show. Just when you think you can take an inch, karma is there to drag you a mile…and lucky for me I have one very patient fiance who is always there to brush off the dust.

I love the all star