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  • Getting it All Done

    Six days without a post, you know I must be busy. Actually, so much has happened in the last week, it’s hard to believe we got it all done. Since Thursday we got a phone number and an internet connection, transferred the utilities, registered our fictitious name, got a business license, wrote and signed our […]

  • Seeking Advice and Creating a Plan

    Seeking advice and planning are just as important as action. It’s never terrible to be spontaneous, but in business, without a clear idea of how this is all going to work, how will we really be able to truly gauge our success? The same goes for wellness.

  • Getting Down to Business

    Now that the holidays are over and moving and travel have come to an end, it’s time to get down to business! Item one on the agenda, find a work space! Jenna and I met for a few hours today and hit the pavement looking for space to rent. There is a lot of vacant […]