This is it folks.  The final moments.  There are exactly 48 hours left to shop and bake and make plans for holiday cheer.  I for one have felt pretty mellow about the whole thing this year.  Granted there were some scary moments, particularly when booking my airplane tickets to New York.  Luckily I had The All-Star there to talk me through it.

The shopping, fortunately, was much less terrifying.  I did it right this time I guess.  I waited till almost the last minute, thought nothing about it before-hand, closed my eyes, pictured each loved one and…Eureka! the perfect gift ideas came rushing to me and just as I christmas treeapproached the appropriate shopping venue.  Okay, so it wasn’t that easy.  But it kinda was.  I wouldn’t allow it to be any other way.  I’m over the gift shopping hoopla that we’re supposed to surrender to each year.  I’ll still be giving gifts, but I didn’t get all stressed out preparing.  And as soon as I did feel myself slipping into consumer anguish, I simply stopped and moved on.  My gifts are all from my un-agonizing heart and will be given in person which I think is the best part.  Besides, my parents will still love me even if they hate the pot-holders I made them, and I’m sure The All-Star won’t leave me just because he’s getting a year’s worth of fruit.  (Just kidding guys. And sorry for being so cliche.)

But I’m serious about my presence being the best present, at least for me.  I’m so happy that I’ll spending the holidays with my family and friends who I miss so much and can not wait to see.  Sure there will be a whole lot of rushing around, and fitting everyone in and making sure I remember how to drive in the snow.  It’ll be cold…and windy…and rainy…and perfect.  And it will be home…the place that I know I can always go and no one cares want I look like, or smell like (eh hem, we all remember I’m taking the red eye, right?), and where there will always be a warm place to lay my head, even if it’s a couch, and the blankets will be laid out with love.

So I’ll be home for Christmas folks.  You can count of me.  I know you’ve got snow, John get out the mistletoe, and who cares if there’s presents under the tree.  I’ll be with home for Christmas, it’s the present of my dreams!