Does everything need to be in-line before you act? 

Does fear hold you back?

The desire to have everything appear perfect before we take action can leave us forever waiting. Because nothing is ever going to be exactly as we want it to be. And oftentimes the path in front of us will not be clear. 

I remember when I was thinking of starting my family and a wise older friend told me, “You are never going to feel completely ready. But everything will fall into place as you need it.” 

Of course life isn’t always going to give us everything we need at every moment. Sometimes the steps on our path will feel unsteady or broken. We may even fall back and have to start over. 
And we will never truly know where each step will lead. Like the labyrinth, we will appear closer to our goals, and at other times very far away. 

The important thing to remember is that we have the strength and knowledge to have made it this far. The lack of self-confidence that what we are doing is right is the only thing really holding us back. We can plan out our journey as much as we want but if we fail to take the first step, the destination will forever just be a very well thought out dream. 

We were made to live this life. We were created to be on this journey. Where would we be if the greats who came before us failed to try to make the world a better place for us? The choices we make are our own and we benefit from having the faith that our steps will take us closer to our victories. 

Again, that doesn’t mean we will always have everything. Maybe we are only meant to have some things. But I’ve learned that the steps we take along the path are where the most joy is found. There we find our confidence. Our self-love. And our benefits to others. But you’ll never know what you can achieve if you fail to try. 

I am rooting for you.