Happy Monday! And Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms of any kind. I hope you had a beautiful day and weekend doing what you love most. 

I had my hands in the dirt all weekend, along with my mom and two daughters. We planted flowers and vegetables – pulled weeds, pruned the bushes, and created our own little Eden surrounding our home. Gardening is my favorite way to spend Mother’s Day. I love it because I get to connect deeper with the great Mother Earth –  setting plants in her soil which she will hold and nourish as they grow. I love spending a little time each day watching these plants change and flourish and lending my own hand to cultivate their abundance. It reminds me that we are all part of nature – progenies of this beautiful planet.

I’ve been so inspired by nature lately, especially the change of Seasons. I have always been attuned to nature, but this Spring seems different. The energy feels exciting and new. There is so much change and it’s happening quickly. My mindfulness practice has given me the opportunity to pay closer attention – to be less caught up in the wind and find my places of rest and reflection. The more often I visit these places of stillness, the more grounded I feel, and all the more ready and open I am for change. The more my eyes widen to all the good and beauty that surrounds me. The more willing I am to participate. 

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in life. For the rising and setting of the sun to feel like nothing more than bookends against time dedicated to responsibilities and commitments – to purposes other than ourselves and our happiness. And of course we cannot pause time. But we can pause our own movement and thoughts. We can take a break from the constant reacting to all that spins around us and find a space for our process. Our own little hole in the ground to plant our roots and nourish our growth. To listen and feel and grow with a deeper understanding of what works for us – how we can be our best versions of ourselves and flow more freely within the laws of nature and the universe. 

I hope you are able to find these opportunities for yourself this week. I know it can feel uncomfortable at first. You may feel like you’re permanently wired a certain way, or there is too much relying on you for you to dedicate time for yourself. That’s ok. You can start small. Start with the breath. Take a pause and just feel it. The air as it enters your chest and passes out again. See if you can bring just a little bit of lightness to your being. Release just a little bit of the tension you might be holding. Let just one thought pass by without giving it your attention. 

That’s it. Just a pause. Just for a moment. 

These are the beginning steps of the practice. The small seeds you plant. Each time you tend to this practice, the more you will notice, the more it will grow. 

That’s all from me for today. I’ve got 9 more days until my final board exam and I will be free from studying and ready to dedicate more time to cultivating my own creative energy and practice.

Have a beautiful, beautiful week. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel for weekly guided meditations and inspiration. And if they resonate with you, please share with a friend. 

Thank you for spending a bit of time with me. I appreciate you.