What’s worse than a winter flu??  The summer cold!  At least with a winter flu I can curl up under one of the Softest Blankets in sweat pants and socks, drinking hot tea and slurping soup. But when the darn summer cold strikes it’s cold water and tank tops and snot running down my already sweaty face.  Yuck.  But we’ve all been there so let’s rap about it.

I managed to acquire my summer cold on a plane ride back from New York. I often get sick when I travel so I was excited when I spent a whole 6 days in New York symptom free and full of life.  Sadly, not but fifteen hours after landing at SFO was I sniffling and headachey and ready for bed.

Today was probably the worst day.  Nose, not quite stuffed but runny, mouth dry and with the terrible taste of tin and burning eyeballs to mimic the hot sun. Eh…it sucks stinks. But I’m a trooper and with disinfectant in hand, I trudged through my day.

Tonight I dine on free range chicken and organic root veggies. Hopefully the warm nutritious goodness will knock the cold right out of me.  I’ve also got six years of studying herbal medicine on my side.  And some trusty garlic and basil to boot.

chicken and root veggies

Wish me well!