What a day.  I am exhausted.  We were on the slopes snowboarding for at least 6 hours today plus another 2 miles or so of walking, all with about ten pounds of gear on and a snowboard in tow.  If that doesn’t make up for a day without a run then forget screw this challenge.  Just kidding, the challenge will continue.  I actually like it.  In fact, I do believe it gave me the strength to take on my first blue diamond today!  Can’t beat that!  And even better than taking on that scary mountain… I finally got a board all of my own. No more rentals for me! Thanks All-Star.

I’d like to write more.  I could tell you about how beautiful the weather was, and the snow conditions, and the bruises I’ll have for the next week, but I’m too tired to think and my fingers will start typing all sorts of nonsense and no one really needs to read nonsense at this hour, am I right?  So instead, here are some pictures of our fun in the sun at Snow Summit.  Enjoy.








Daily inspirational mention…

No Fear!