Cultivation is all about growth, and part of cultivating your wellness, I think, includes broadening your horizons. This week, I am beginning to broaden my own horizons by finally started to learn Spanish. (It only took 5 years of living in California to convince me that it might be a good idea.) I think learning a second language is something all of us should consider.

A few months ago, while at a Roger Waters concert, a Russian man sitting next to me told me a joke about speaking multiple languages (or the lack of ability too) in which the punch line was “Americans.” While it was just a joke, or perhaps an ice-breaker from this less than cordial man, it left me feeling quite a bit inadequate (and wishing I had a new seat.) But instead of getting mad, I’m getting educated.

My method of instruction is Rosetta Stone and this week I completed Unit 1. There are four units in Level 1. After reading some reviews, I am surprised that I finished it so quickly but perhaps others don’t have quite as much free time as I have or feel less motivated to spend half a Saturday afternoon repeating vocabulary and identifying actions. All in all though, I think my brain has retained quite a bit of information. The milestone was tricky, and I actually did worst the second time around, but I’ve read that this is normal and I feel confident in my future success.

My goal is to one day travel to Argentina and converse with the locals with ease. I don’t think that’s an impossible feat, especially if I stay dedicated to my studies! I’ll keep you updated on my process. Perhaps I’ll even attempt a few bilingual posts. I’m anxious to see how well Rosetta Stone works for me!

Wish me luck!