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  • This Week’s Eats No. 3

    Technically these are last week’s eats but you don’t actually know my true timeline for anything so what’s the difference right? My own pictures of these eats are quite sub-par in my opinion. Our camera broke on our honeymoon so I’m stuck with my android for snapshots at the moment. Any suggestions for a reasonable […]

  • Thinking about Dinner

    My sister reminded me that I haven’t posted much about dinner lately. It’s true. I haven’t. I used to do it a lot. I loved sharing all the yummy meals I was preparing…. I guess I’ve sort of been neglecting dinner lately.  I’m still cooking. We have a healthy and delicious meal cooked by yours […]

  • A Back Burner Night

    That’s what a friend’s mom called the nights when dinner is made of whatever’s left in the fridge. Tonight we’re dining on green beans, pintos, squash, garlic and pasta.  Why not, right? Easy to make, easy to eat. Fills you up without weighing you down. Lol. What commercial is that?? Well whatever commercial is it, […]