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  • Day 10 of the Vegan Challenge – Sensitivities

    Still going strong with the Vegan Challenge. We’ve been eating lots of beans and vegetables. My anti-oxidant levels should be through the roof. I feel good. No need for meat yet, though The All-Star explained to me this morning that eating meat makes him happy. I do believe that happiness is an important part of […]

  • What’s in the Crock-Pot Tuesday?

    I arrived at my door at 8:30 this evening to the warm aroma of Sweet and Spicy Lentil Chili. Another delicious recipe from Robin Robertson’s Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker. I crossed two fingers when preparing this one and was pleased to find it a home-run hit, and super easy to make, just throw […]

  • Eating Well

    I found this website that I really like: EatingWell.com.  I think Eating Well started as a magazine but who needs paper when you’ve got all their delicious recipes and diet help right at your web-browsing fingertips.  I especially like their Diet, Nutrition and Health section where you can find descent information about food and your health […]