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Delicious Breakfast Smoothie

Now that winter is officially over in the East Bay (I hope) it’s time to enjoy the abundance of fruits and vegetables that are coming into season with a delicious breakfast smoothie!! Normally in the winter-time I discourage my patients from drinking smoothies in the morning. A smoothie is cold, damp, and raw and can often make us feel sluggish, quite the opposite of what we set out to do when we drink them. But now that it’s warm and dry outside, it’s the perfect season to start the day with a cool, refreshing, and chock-full-of-vitamins drink!!

Yesterday was actually the first time that I made my own smoothie at home. The desire came from my inclination that I should for some reason start eating yogurt, which I actually despise. It’s just not something that I can eat by itself. Even with cut up fruit, it just makes me gag! But yogurt received so much positive hype from the famous nutritionist Daniel Pelegreen, that I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Fortunately when blended into a fruity breakfast drink, it’s not so bad. Happy days!

I downloaded a free little e-book of recipes from EatingWell.com. I chose their “Wake-up Smoothie Recipe” even though it called for bananas, which I detest more than yogurt. Supposedly they are very healthy but in actuality they are evil and I refuse to accept them. To my delight, the instructions said that I could replace them with mango. Yes please. Let’s move on. I also added flax seed for a good dose of Omega-3 fatty acids and some kale for an extra added health benefit, plus I liked the earthy bitterness it brought to this rather sweet and sour drink. Here’s my altered recipe.

Yummy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

1 1/4 cups orange juice, preferably calcium-fortified
1 mango – NO BANANAS!!
1 1/4 cups frozen berries
1/2 cup low-fat plain yogurt
1 tablespoon flax seeds
1/2 cup of chopping Kale (ribs removed)

Combine all the ingredients in a blender; cover and blend until creamy.
Serve immediately.

breakfast smoothie

Yummy, nutritious smoothies for the All-Star and I to enjoy!!

And for dinner I have to give a shout-out to Jen at My Kitchen Addiction for her absolutely delicious Ham and Bean Soup recipe. It is SOOOOO good. Here’s a photo of the little that’s left over.

ham and been soup

It’s a bit more pureed than Jen’s at My Kitchen Addition. I went a little nutty with the immersion blender. I’m in love with this tool!  Besides, we like mushy soups that look like baby food over here so it’s perfect!  😉


Please note that I do not judge nor discriminate against those who eat and enjoy bananas. Just please don’t eat them in front of me. Thanks!  ♥



This Week’s Eats No. 3

Technically these are last week’s eats but you don’t actually know my true timeline for anything so what’s the difference right?

This Week's Eats

My own pictures of these eats are quite sub-par in my opinion. Our camera broke on our honeymoon so I’m stuck with my android for snapshots at the moment. Any suggestions for a reasonable priced fancy-pants camera??

So this week (last week) I decided to escape from online and use one of my many cookbooks to find recipes. I don’t do this often enough and it’s sad to see my books just collecting dust.

my cook book collection

One reason I love searching the internet for recipes is I prefer one with a picture. I recently received a Cook’s Illustrated magazine in the mail and while the content is very informative, its lack of photos leaves me a bit uninspired. It does have some illustrations of cooking techniques, which I guess is why they call it Cook’s Illustrated. I don’t think I will be subscribing, but I do appreciate receiving a free one in the mail. I now have illustrated instructions for making the perfect soft-boiled egg. Hazah!

My cookbook of choice this week last week is was Food Made Fast Weeknight published by William Sonoma. This book was given to me as a gift years ago. Actually I’m pretty sure most, if not all, of my cookbooks were gifts, accept for maybe How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman, which I LOVE and reference quite often when preparing new foods. This book also has illustrations and is sans photographs but we forgive it because it’s so flippin awesome!

my favorite cookbook

I made three recipes from the Food Made Fast cookbook and two of them were total winners and will have repeat performances in the future I’m sure.

The first was Sausage with White Beans and Arugula Salad

Sausage w/ White Bean Salad

This would actually work better as a summer dish but it had been warm here and arugula is in season.

I was able to find the recipe on their website so you don’t actually have to buy the book. Their picture is prettier of course. After all it is Williams Sonoma.

sausages with white beans

I hope my photo doesn’t land me on the CraftFail blog. Have you been to this website? It’s pretty funny.

Next up was our second winner kindly brought to us again by Williams Sonoma, Thai Beef Noodle Salad.

thai beef noodle salad

I’m pretty sure my photo could end up on CraftFail but I assure you, regardless of the appearance, it really was delicious.

thai beef noodle salad

Yum? Oh yea, for sure! I’ve never prepared flank steak before. It is definitely now my steak of choice for a regular at-home-meal night. I prepared it on my little stove top griddle. We don’t have a outdoor grill so it’s what I use and it does the trick! Of course the smoke alarm went off but you have to expect that when you grill meat indoors and have low ceilings like we do. The steak didn’t seem to care and neither did we!

I want to share one more recipe which I did snag it from the internet.

For those who eat with me, don’t be surprised if you find yourself trying this some day.

I found it on Daily Dinner Table. I’m not sure how I happened upon this blog, which is usually the case, but I’m happy that I did. It reminds me of my dear friend, Julia. I’m pretty sure she makes a rice salad. If not, I’m pretty sure she would enjoy it. This one’s for you, Julia!

Once again we insert a crappy picture, but I assure you it’s good.

spinach & rice salad

So that’s it for what’s been in my tummy as of late. The best part is there are lots of leftovers for us to enjoy a second time, which would be this week, so there you go. In fact, I’ll think I’ll go have some  right now!

What are you eating?

Grab the badge!

This Week's Eats_170




Blog Love & This Week’s Eats No. 2

Meal planning is awesome! We have new and delicious, nutritious home-cooked meals almost every night with lots of variation and LEFTOVERS!

Thanks to the internet there is always a plethora of new recipes to choose from. This week was no different. One recipe I found deserves a ton of love because IT IS AWESOME and needs to be shared!

I found this recipe on This IS how I cook. Chicken Vesuvio is apparently a popular dish in Chicago. The picture this blogger took of this amazing dish was what first attracted my attention. It looks soooo good! See for yourself….

Once I read the ingredients, I was sold. And boy or boy, what a winner!! Thanks to Abbe at This IS how I cook. for sharing such a delicious and home-good recipe. I will definitely be making it again!!

Here are a couple of other recipes from around the web that I thought I’d share!

A delicious vegetarian dish from Closet Cooking brought to us by Zesty Cook.

Nothing but slowed cooked goodness in this tasty Lime Chicken Taco recipe from Taste of Home.

This Chicken Paprikash was a hit both with the All-Star and our unexpected dinner guest. Praprikash always makes me think of when Harry Met Sally. “Waiter, there is too much pepper in my paprikash.” lol. This recipe from Lauren at Lauren’s Latest was just right!!


Where do you find your favorite recipes??




This Week’s Eats – No. 1

In the essence of meal planning I thought I’d share with you some of the delicious recipes I’ll be preparing this week. They were found across the web and some of these pictures are just too beautiful not to share. I big shout out to the talented chefs who first up conjured up these culinary delights! I can’t wait to enjoy them myself!!

Let’s start with tonight’s dinner which will be hitting the slow-cooker in a few moments…

I’m super excited to eat this! Heck, I’m super excited to eat all of these!

Jumping back to breakfast…. We’re heading to Arnold for the weekend with friends so I’ll be whipping up a batch of these muffins to share! (Any excuse to use my new mixer!)

On Valentine’s day the All-Star and I are cooking a delicious meal together at home – cause that’s how we roll! For dessert we’ll be enjoying this yummy goodness courtesy of a new blogger I’ve been following. She’s super cute. Check her out!

Here’s another sweet treat for the weekend…

That’s a lot of sweet this week!!

How about some more slow-cooked comfort food to even things out…

I’ll be tweaking a few of these recipes, as I always do, but in the spirit of Valentine’s day it’s nice to give a little love and of course a special “thanks” to the source of the good foods that will be filling our tummies this week! 🙂


Happy Week 2 of the New Year!

Missed me? 2012 was a whirlwind…but a good one. Want highlights? Sure, why not.

Earth and Air expanded to a larger space (which we’re already outgrown!)

I planned a wedding and GOT MARRIED! Eeeek!

We moved to a cutey little cottage near town.


The All-Star and I became an aunt and uncle!

Super great year. And now onto 2013, which I believe will be equally as magical!

So how did I start off the New year? Being quite lazy I must admit, accept for a little bit of mouse clicking to satisfy my love of online shopping. But it wasn’t all frivolous, we need a lot of new things for the new place. Okay, we don’t need. But I want! I also want to get organized and stop being so lazy and I believe my purchases will help me achieve that. I also make my home look PRETTY!! 🙂

I’m not sure if my online shopping obsession is all about the actual purchases I’m making or about me enjoying time spent on my computer. In attempt to validate the latter, last night I put my energies to good use and finally start meal planning. I’d made up a cute template last month ago that I altered from another one that I obtained somewhere (sorry to the person who deserves the credit – I forget who you are. But a lot of my inspiration came from this gal.)

I realized that in order to keep us fed and stocked with food that I would need a better plan than the one we had in place which was essentially…”John (that’s the All-Star. Should I be calling him Mr. the All-Star now that we’re married?), John we need food. Can you go shopping?” And then he goes shopping and we have a lot of food in the fridge but minimal plan on what to do with it and sometimes, I’m afraid to admit, a few items never make it to the dinner table and instead feed the worms that are hopefully helping to decompose that plastic bottle I threw out a few weeks ago because there was no recycling bin at that park. Insert guilty face here. :/

I’ve made a few weekly meal plans before but none this organized and I had so much fun with it that I decided to go ahead and plan the next three weeks, accompanied by a shopping list and also what we had on hand. Those lists may change obviously as we ingest all the goods but it’s nice to have a basis. I personally strongly dislike hate food shopping. If only I could food shop from my couch in my pajamas…

So now it’s Monday and I’ve got my meal plans and my shopping list and I wrote it out all nice for the All-Star, along with the recipe for the meal he will be making tonight since I’m working late, and we are good to go!!

Because I know you want to see it, here’s my plan for this week.


Sorry if it take a few clicks to get to…I’m new at the whole pdf thing. But check out how I linked the recipes to their source. Oh yea, it feels good!

I’m excited for this new organization of our eating habits. I hope it sticks. At least we know it will for  the next three weeks!