You guessed it, I’m talking about breakfast.

I’ve already had my coffee,  joined a new site network, visited some blogs and did my morning business, but sadly the tummy is still empty and calling.  With moving and work and growing my internet credibility, who has time to food shop?  Fortunately for dinner there’s a Sprouts on my way home from the office, so I’m always able to pick up a nutritious end-of-the-day meal.  Breakfast, however, falls sadly to the wayside.  Why is it that I’m so unable to foster this oh-so-necessary part of my routine?

Breakfast really sets the tone for our day. It should never be skipped.  Studies have shown that a good breakfast can help with weight loss, balance blood sugar levels, increase productivity and focus, and it most certainly can keep us from grabbing a not-as-nutritious choice on the go.

What should your breakfast include?  Less sugar and more protein. The less sugar you consume at breakfast, the less likely you are to feel tired by lunchtime.  And always try to include a few servings of fruits and vegetables.  Remember, 9-13 servings daily!  That’s a lot so you need to fit them in where you can.

Lucky for me The All-Star just woke up and is now preparing my morning goodness.  If I wait long enough, this is usually what happens.  He’s a lot better than me in the breakfast department these days.  I think it’s egg and an English muffin.  I’m going to request some raspberry jam.  I wish we had goat cheese and spinach.  Now that I’ve given you most of the ingredients, here’s the recipe for my favorite breakfast sandwich:breakfast

A Healthier Egg Sandwich

  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 whole wheat English muffin
  • a handful of  raw spinach
  • 1 tbsp raspberry jam
  • 1 tbsp goat cheese
  • Cholula hot sauce (my absolute fav)

Fry your egg whites in non-stick pan while you toast your muffin.  Top the egg with the spinach and cheese to melt the cheese and wilt the spinach (just a little bit). Spread your jam on the muffin.  Top with your egg and pour on some Cholula (however spicey you like it).

That’s it.  So easy, and absolutly delicous.

Did you know that you should eat breakfast no more than an hour after waking?  On work-days The All-Star can’t help me there.  Today I am making a commitment to myself to have more options in the kitchen and to do breakfast right.  Sooo….I’m calling out to you, readers, for some assistance with this one.

What is your favorite quick and healthy breakfast?

Please help us start the morning off right!

Thanks.  Happy Eating!