We’ve had a bit of a temperature shift here in the East Bay Area. Two weeks ago we were hitting one hundred but lately it’s been in the high 60’s with a breeze. Perfect weather for afternoon walk.

My business partner had a patient schedule last minute and asked if I could watch her darling 17 month old, Sienna.  Sienna’s my buddy and so is her mom, so I didn’t mind at all. What better way to spend an hour than with a giggling toddler? But what should we do? I’m not really a fan of the playground and Sienna strongly dislikes my apartment so I decided we’d just go for a walk.

We started at Earth and Air Wellness and made our way to the Iron Horse which is not far down the street. I’ve been jogging this trail a few times a week but this time I thought we’d walk in the opposite direction of my usual path.

We ended up at a cross road where I decided to break from the trail and head up the road where there were some homes. I had never been to that part of town before and was interested to see how folks lived up there. After about  half a mile we came upon Howe Homestead Park, which I never knew existed.

Homestead park is part of the Walnut Creek Open Space division, another thing I didn’t know existed. This particular park was once the home of a man named James P. Howe and his wife Mia.

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  • A little fact about Jim, he was one of the earliest and best-known Associated Press world correspondents and traveled the world interviewing well known personalities and reporting on the events of that era.

    So now the property houses the Walnut Creek Community garden and the start of the  Kovar Trail, which if you’re feeling adventurous will lead you 10 miles to Mt. Diablo. I may just have to give that a shot one of these day.

    So all is all it was a great afternoon. Thanks to Sienna needing a babysitter and her mom asking me. If they hadn’t I would have probably just sat in the office surfing the net and blogging and missed out on a very pleasant and educational stroll!

    Have a great weekend!