Since we’re in the process of moving, I haven’t had much time to do the food shop thing.  You know what that means, take out for lunch again.  The All-Star and I still haven’t quite come to terms when it comes to the drive thru and it seems like each time I ask him what we should get for lunch, I’m given the familiar answer of, “You have to pick, you don’t want fast food.”

I don’t understand the bond boys share with the value menu.  Okay, there was a time in high school when a Big Mac sounded like mouth full of heaven.  Now it just sounds like gas, bloating and a whole bunch of clogged arteries.  So today we turned to a stand-by compromise, togos sandwiches.

togo's tustin

While many of the sandwiches on the menu are still not up to my health nut standards, they have a Farmer’s Market Salad that you can have as a wrap and for us it’s a favorite so I was happy to go.  It’s just your simple salad staples.  We add chicken for a dollar and omit the croutons (they cut my mouth when I take a bite.)

farmer's market wrap

togo's brown bag

I will still say it’s not the ideal lunch.  On a windy day like today, I would much rather have a baked yam or bowl of lentil soup than a cold raw veggie wrap.  But it did the trick and I’m now well fed.  The kitchen will be back in service soon.

In the mean while, I hope there’s a togo’s nearby the new place.  We have only a few choices for a brown paper bag compromise.