I hope you’re well and that you’re managing all the things.

There are just so many things, aren’t there?

I remember when I first heard that saying, “all the things.” At first I wasn’t so fond of it. It felt lazy and juvenile. But after a while I found myself using it often because of how it so perfectly describes in as few words as possible what most of us are contending with at any given moment.

All the things.

For many of us right now, many of the things are the holidays. The shopping, the meals, the socializing we may or may not want to do. Then there’s the regular adulting that continues whether we’ve got the bandwidth for it or not. The doctor’s visits, the work stuff, the parenting — the responsibilities we’d just like a break from for a moment now and then. And then of course there’s everything going on in the head and the heart. Add all that up and it’s sure to be a lot.

So how do we manage it? How do we handle all the things on the plate without causing it to topple over or bury us alive?

Sometimes, for some things, the truth is we’ve just got to suck it up and deal. But we also have to remember that regardless of the directions all the things may drag us, we still have control over how much of ourselves we offer in any given moment. We also always have the ability to anchor and to reset. To pause for a second and look at all the things before we choose the next step.

So today I invite you to take a moment in that pause. Take a deep breath and take stock. What’s filling your list and your life right now? What are all the things?

And now think about your intentions? How do you want to be living your life? What do you want it to look like? How do you want to feel?

Now ask yourself, do my intentions align with what I’m facing right now and how I’m managing it all? If the answer is yes, that’s great, charge forward, my friend. But if the answer is no or you aren’t so sure, spend some time thinking about how you can redirect your path, or how many steps you’re able to take on it today.

Of course there are some responsibilities you just can’t shake, but you can still choose how to carry yourself through them. By learning about who we are and what we need, we grow in our strength and wisdom to know how to contend with whatever comes our way. We learn in a healthier way to handle all the things.

And don’t forget to ask for help if you need it. You don’t ever have to do all of it alone.

That’s all from me. Have a great week my friend!

May you find everything you need, and when you don’t, may you find the way to create it.

Much love.

Bye for now!