Well, today is Day 30 of my fitness challenge.  I am ashamed to admit that only the first 14 days of fitness were completed.  The last 16 I have spent tending to my broken toe, which is much better, by the way.  I have, however, had a feeling of anxiousness and grief these last two weeks over my fitness failure.  I really was enjoying the challenge, no kidding.  Sure I didn’t always want to exercise but the physical benefits I gained from each activity were immeasurable and I feel the difference without it.   I do plan to continue or re-start my fitness challenge as soon as my toe allows me to run again, but maybe with a little less intensity and obligation.  After all, the goal was to introduce more fitness into my life.  And the last thing that I want is to undo the careful consideration I’ve taken these last two weeks, in regards to my toe, that is.

Now that I’ve admitted my humbling failure, time to look at the positives and move forward, right?  So, what were my successes in the first month of 2010.  First of all, I took the initiative to embark on a challenge.  I didn’t know if I would be able to physically manage a jogging regime, which I am happy to report I was doing well with.  I paid attention to my dietary needs, which is an important life-long habit to which I’m addicted.  I also took the opportunity to examine myself both mentally and emotionally and have continued to grow as a woman and a health care professional.

That being said, it would seem that my challenge wasn’t a failure after all.  Sure I didn’t exercise for 16 out of the 30 days.  But I continued to challenge myself to be a happy, healthier, well-rounded individual, one who learns from her experiences and uses them to strive forward. And really that was the true point.  And maybe I wanted to prove, a little, to myself that I could be some work-out wonder whose physical abilities were only surpassed by her charm and beauty. I’m kidding.  But truthfully, I was using it to feel good about myself.  Having just turned 30 and feeling the need to experience the saga of aging with a spectacular achievement that would validate my youth, I decided to run.  Was I running away?  Hardly, I like to look at it as running forward.  So in truth, I feel good about what I accomplished. I hope you find the same satisfaction from all of your challenges. We prosper from that which makes us stronger.

The true goal is always growth!