Hello! Happy Monday!

Let’s check in. Take the breath slowly. Relax the shoulders away from the ears. The muscles of the face. Pause. And let the breath go. Ahhh. That’s better. Let’s begin again.

How was your weekend? Mine was busy as usual. Jam packed, in fact – the whole week was – and I had to take a lot of those reset moments to keep my momentum going. Even in the most fun and happy times, I have a tendency to get overstimulated and my mind travels elsewhere instead of living in the moment. It’s one of the reasons I lean heavily on this practice. Each time we return to the breath, we have the opportunity to return to the present and begin again. No matter where the mind or the emotions attempt to take us, the breath – that pillar of strength to stand on – is always there.

The biggest challenge I sometimes face is just remembering to lean on it.

That’s another reason I like to talk about my practice. As I grow in my community, my community of supportive individuals grows too. We check in on each other and show the love!

At one event my friend handed me a shell. I held it in my hand the whole time we were there. Over and over again I’d realize I was holding it, and it drew me back to the present. I’d take a breath – and begin again. I was so grateful for that small but useful tool. No one even had to know. I kept moving along the journey, staying grounded and aware.

We’re not always going to feel our best. Sometimes we might even feel our worst. That’s the reality of life. And it keeps moving whether we want it to or not. When we take it on moment by moment, it can feel a little less intense – a little less overwhelming. We learn that we always have the opportunity to reset – to ground in the present – to begin again.

Does that make life’s struggles go away? Unfortunately, no. But it gives us a little more strength to keep moving, and the opportunity to keep love in our hearts. And that really does make a difference – for you and for the world around us.

I hope you have a Happy and Safe Halloween. Enjoy a few treats and remember to stay grounded. Perhaps find a little talisman of your own to carry. Hold it in your hand. Let it be your reminder, for anytime you need it, to begin again.

Much love to you. We’ll connect again next week!

Bye for now!


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