Hello my friend!

Here we are – Monday again. It always comes. And then it’s gone. Much like the breath. Flowing in and flowing out. Each one an opportunity.

So, what opportunities are you looking for this week?

Will you continue with your current flow, or do you find yourself beginning again?

I so often find myself beginning again. Each time hoping to be a little wiser, moving about with more ease, more confidence, more care. I want to say control, but that’s the one thing I’m learning to let go of the most. What I aim for now is awareness — and the ability to show up and do the thing with the acceptance that there is very little we can actually control. We can try. But eventually something will come to the surface and we have to let go. Even the breath. You can try to hold it as long as you can. Eventually you’ll have to release the hold and begin again.

And that’s a good thing. We’re not meant to control. We’re meant to experience. To be present and in the fullest expression of who we are. To accept where we are and navigate the terrain, or find a new path. Both are fine choices. It’s whatever you believe works best for you.

If you find it difficult to decide, take a pause. Turn inward. Find the awareness that gives us that knowledge to choose. I promise it’s within you. And guess what, it most often reveals itself when we let go of the control. When we return to stillness and open our hearts to see.

This week’s meditation is an opportunity to let go of the negative narratives that we use to try to control our situations. The mind manifests these stories so we aren’t caught off guard. Rarely do they help. Usually they just keep us stuck. You’ll practice returning to the present with the breath — releasing the negativity and beginning again. Connecting deeper with the truest expression of yourself and allowing it to grow. I hope you enjoy.

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I hope you have a beautiful week. I wish for you many opportunities to begin again.

Much love. 

And bye for now.