Another successful challenge day.  If you read my earlier post, I skipped the morning run for need of sleep, but intended to do some yoga as my day’s challenge activity.  After work, and a food shop to fill our empty fridge, The All-Star and I walked a mile around our new neighborhood,  which was a pleasant addition to the list of exercises.  Plus, walking with my significant other is always enjoyable.  I recommend it to all couples.  It gives us an opportunity to connect without our regular home distractions.  On this particular walk we contemplated for way too long the inability of our neighbors to leave ample parking room for others and spied through the windows of an unoccupied h0me, imagining that we were the future inhabitants.  Pure goodness.

Following a few other necessary tasks, taking down the Christmas decorations, and a phone call to my sister,  I got the lentil soup simmering and started my yoga.  Another 45 minutes of fitness and a check mark next to today.  Some may argue that yoga is not a workout.  While I understand and appreciate the importance and significance of yoga as a form of meditation, I still feel it okay to use it as an exercise in this challenge, especially when feeling as run-down as I did last night.  It’s an opportunity for me to recharge and stretch, and since I don’t plan on taking days off from this challenge, it’s nice to have an activity that doesn’t add to my fatigue.  On the other hand, I do mostly power yoga, so it isn’t all that easy anyway.  Tomorrow, however, I intend to wake up early and go for another run.  Slacking is not the name of this challenge.

So until tomorrow…

And to those participating in your own challenge, keep up the good work!