Happy Monday!

I hope you are well!

Have you checked in with yourself today? You know, taking the pause, turning your attention inward and just seeing where you’re at – what you’re feeling – what the mind might be ruminating over – what seems to be lingering.

I know we think when we meditate or pause that we’re supposed to be clearing the mind and relaxing the body. We say, “ok, I’m going to sit for 10 minutes and get totally blissed out and all will feel right again.” That’s a dreamy way to look at it, for sure. Of course, that dreamy idea is also why after a minute or two many of us throw up our hands saying “I can’t do this!” And that’s that for the practice.

The fortunate, unfortunate truth is most of the time it’s not about a blissed out state of being. It’s usually a lot messier than that. We get squirmy and distracted and wonder if time is up. The mind takes us on random journeys down rabbit holes and the body tenses in spots we rarely pay attention to. But then we realize what’s happening, and we bring our attention back, and we begin again.

And the more we practice, the more we begin to discover the patterns of where the mind and the body go. And we start to feel little bits of the connection, to the deeper self – to the one who is the observer – the one who’s watching and waiting for the opportunity to shine through. And then maybe for an instant we feel at ease. The mind goes quiet, the muscles soften. We start to feel what it’s like to just be in the present. And we lay down little breadcrumbs on the path that led us there – to this place that feels more spacious and comfortable within our own self – to this greater sense of being. And we sit – and perhaps some things we didn’t notice before get uncovered – and we explore – trusting that we’re in a safe space where there is no judgment, no expectation. A place all our own.

This is the journey. The one that begins and ends within.

So, today, when you check in, I invite you to bring grace with you. Bring your attention to your heart space and place this grace there. With each breath, creating room for it to grow. Let this grace be an offering to yourself – for whatever feelings there are – for whatever stories are told. Believe that you are deserving of all the good you can dream of. And when you begin to doubt or fear, or when those uncomfortable bits get uncovered – find that grace, let it be your breadcrumbs.

And remember it’s there just for you.

If all this sounds like a lot for you to do on your own – remember there are so many of us who are on this journey alongside you – and we’d love to walk together. Starting at the end of the month – Monday Motivation will be going live. Join me February 26th at 9:30 am EST for an opportunity to check in with community. To meditate – to share – to connect. Let’s see what comes up together. I’ll share more info in the upcoming weeks! I can’t wait to see you there!

Have a beautiful week, my friend.

Much love!
Bye for now.