I was just introduced to this GREAT website called Local Harvest.  There you can find a ton information about locally grown food.  You can also find a farmer’s market near you.  Some of the listings even tell you what products/crops they sell, and in what season they are available.  And the best part of all… (drumroll please)… they give you recipes!  Does it get any better?fruits and veggies

I’m excited about this.  I think it’s important to encourage others to shop at farmers’ markets whenever possible.  By doing so, not only are you promoting wholesome eating habits, but you’re supporting your local farmers, which improves your local economy.  Not to mention it improves your carbon footprint.  While farmer’s markets are still not available in every area, they are becoming more and more popular as people begin to realize the importance of eating naturally grown, whole foods.  (And not with Whole Foods prices – which is a story for another time).

I’m heading off to Florida tomorrow to see some family I haven’t seen in a while.  It should be a really great trip.  Hopefully I’ll have some post worthy experiences.   I wish a happy and wholesome Thanksgiving to all.