Today was sad day for my family and I as we said goodbye to our loyal dog and friend, Nikki. She brought us nothing but joy for 12 long years and we will miss her always. I know everyone thinks their dog is the best and for us, Nikki truly was. She never barked, always was kind to strangers, and even when a child accidentally stepped on her foot, she just yelped and turned and wagged her tail. Such a kind creature that we can learn a lot from.

To clear my head after I heard the news, I set off on a morning run. Nikki loved to run and jump and as I passed other folks with their furry friends I was filled with sadness and wished I had stayed at home. Then I noticed the happy faces and waging tails and I was glad to have been able to experience the kind of bliss that can only come from a relationship between a dog and its owners.

I shed a few tears as I imagined Nikki was running by my side on the rocky trail and suddenly a small chihuahua broke free from its owner and ran at my feet. He barked several times and this may sound silly but I took it as a sign that our Nikki was in peace.

My family has had its rocky times as any family does but we always had our dog to remind us to be humble and loving. I think that is why we are so drawn to dogs as pets. The love from a dog is unconditional and pure and my family is so lucky to have had a dog so good at sharing her love with us.

Thank you, Nikki, you for being my friend.  I will try to live in this world as purely as you did.