Man oh man, was I out of my zone.  After two hours of softball on Sunday and my two mile jog today, my muscles are kicking me saying “why did you wait so long to work us?”

I’m sorry little muscles.  I forgot to stay in charge.

Do you remember Herman’s Head?  It was that Fox network sitcom from the early 90’s.  Funny but crude. The main character lived his regular boring life while the rest of us got to enjoy the menagerie of colorful characters residing in his head. Well, I feel like Herman a lot of the time. Just the simple puppet along for the ride. laura's head

And…well…let’s just say that for the past five weeks someone other than the boot camp instructor has been running the show up there. Not quite Pizza the Hut, but someone only slightly less greasy.

Today I let that dude’s cheese burn and hit the pavement for a “back to basics” two mile run.

It wasn’t that easy. Not that I anticipated the first day back after a month off to feel good, but maybe I was hoping that it wouldn’t feel quite as bad.  I’m exaggerating as I always do, however I wasn’t exactly jumping at the option of an extra mile, or doing multiple reps of caft lifts on my way up the stairs. But I did stick it out even though my breathing was off and my legs were tired. Good news is that the toe didn’t hurt one bit so it looks like I’m back in business.  Woohoo.  Thanks body, you came through for me again.

So tonight, I’m resting my achy bones. Tomorrow I’d like to try a yoga DVD my good friend Heather sent me.  Thanks gal!  She’s getting married in two months. I’m in her wedding party. Another bites the dust!

heather and kendal

I jest. She’s probably doing better with her bride-to-be-workouts than I am with my crazy-California-wanderer ones, so I may soon be eating that dust. See you soon guys!